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GHG-Europe Data Policy

The GHG-Europe Data Policy addresses issues related to the provision, exchange, availability, maintenance, use and publication of data and products produced by the GHG-Europe research activities or acquired from third parties as a support to this research.


The purpose of the GHG-Europe Data Policy is to set up fundamental principles in view of:

  • easing collaboration among the participants of the GHG-Europe project
  • ensuring timely submission of quality-checked, consistent data and products for the use within the consortium
  • protecting the researchers’ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and rights to publish their results
  • providing rules for the use of the data within the consortium and by third parties
  • building a homogeneous body of valuable scientific information on GHG fluxes over European ecosystems
  • providing the broader scientific community with an easy access to the above integrated knowledge during and beyond the lifetime of GHG-Europe.


GHG-Europe encourages the Partners to endorse the Open Database License (PDbL; Open Data Commons 2010 ) with its social and professional norms for acknowledgement and putting derived works in the public domain.

GHG-Europe Data Policy

EU contract No. 244122


Project finished in September 2013  [more]

Imer D, Merbold L, Eugster W, Buchmann N (2013)  [more]

Luyssaert, S., G. Abril, et al. (2012)  [more]

Merbold L, Steinlin C, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Mohn J, Steinlin C, Merbold L, Emmenegger L, Hagedorn F (2013)   [more]

Nabuurs G-J, Lindner M, Verkerk PJ, Gunia K, Deda P, Michalak R, Grassi G (2013)  [more]

Scott RL, Serrano-Ortiz P, Domingo F, Hamerlynck EP, Kowalski AS (2012)  [more]

Wolf S, Eugster W, Ammann C, Haeni M, Zielis S, Hiller R, Stieger J, Imer D, Merbold L, Buchmann N (2013)   [more]


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GHG-Europe at a glance

Fundingsource: EU (FP7)
EC-contribution: 6.6 Mio.€
Duration: 2010-2013
Consortium: 41 partners, 15 countries
Coordinator: A. Freibauer (TI)